Water Meter


The Laurens CPW began providing drinking water to in 1922. Prior to this, water for Laurens' residents was obtained from wells, given minimal chemical treatment, and moved through the water mains by diesel-powered pumps.

To raise capital for the project, the citizens of Laurens separated the utilities system from the general city government, forming a Commission of Public Works. Thus, they created a revenue stream, separate from property taxes, to be used for the operation, maintenance, and improvement of the utilities system.

In February of 1922, the South Carolina General Assembly enacted a law creating the Laurens Board of Commissioners of Public Works, thereby initiating the improvement and expansion of the utility’s system.

Today, we have approximately 146 miles of waterlines and 6 elevated storage tanks throughout the distribution system to maintain pressure and meet peak water demands. Our water treatment facility is located on Saxon Street and is capable of treating 8.3 million gallons per day (MGD) capacity. It is expandable to 30 MGD, but we typically average about 2 MGD.

The system delivers high-quality drinking water to the homes of our citizens in the City of Laurens and surrounding areas.

Our water system consistently meets or exceeds drinking water standards. Each day, our professional team carefully monitors the system - from raw water to tap - to ensure that the service we provide enhances a healthy quality of life. Our primary water source, Lake Rabon, is owned by our partners, the Laurens County Water and Sewer Commission and is meticulously maintained to ensure an abundant, sustainable water supply for years to come.

Water Rates
A customer’s water rate is determined by the size and type of service required. We have residential, commercial and industrial water rates. If you use a lot of water outside the home consider adding an irrigation meter. Click here for more details. For all current rates, fees and other charges, please contact a customer service representative at 864.681.4300.

How to read your water meter

The register on your water meter reads very much like the odometer on a car.

In the example to the right, the meter shows that 1,023 gallons of water have passed through the meter. To determine the number of units of water that have been used, subtract the number shown in a previous reading from the current number. For example, if the previous reading had been 500, subtract that number from the current reading of 1,023, and you will know that 523 gallons of water have been used.


Water Quality
Each year, we produce a water quality report, also known as the Consumer Confidence Report (CCR).

It includes information about our water and how it’s treated. The report also includes a summary of our water quality test results for the prior calendar year and whether we met all regulatory requirements.

All water utilities are required to produce this report each year by July 1st. Our report is typically available in May for the prior year's data. Click here for a copy or contact us at 864.681.4300.