Report & Update Outages

If the power goes off in your house, check to see if a circuit breaker has been tripped. If any of the lights in your home are still working, the trouble may be in your own electrical system. Resetting the breaker should fix the problem. A tripped breaker may signal that there is a problem with your electrical system on your side of the meter. You will need to contact a licensed electrician to inspect your system if this is the case. Please be aware that an after-hours service fee may apply for a service call requested after regular business hours if it is determined the problem is a tripped breaker. Once a crew has been dispatched after hours, fees may apply. If you don't find a problem with your breaker, you will need to call the CPW. Call us at 864.681.4300 our dispatchers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Before you call, it is helpful to check to see if your neighbors have power. This will help us determine the severity of the outage. In an emergency, call Laurens County Dispatch at 864.984.0812 or 911.

 Updates During an Outage

There are several ways to get updates during an outage. Depending on the severity of the outage, we may contact the local media with timely updates or updates may be posted on the CPW’s web site, Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.