Lake Rabon

Lake Rabon is located in Laurens County about five miles south of Hickory Tavern. The lake was built in 1990 on Rabon Creek. Rabon covers an area of about 546 acres with a maximum depth of 27 feet and a mean depth of 13 feet. Lake Rabon's primary purpose is to provide the city of Laurens with water service. Rabon is owned and managed by the Laurens County Water & Sewer Commission. This lake is surrounded by private homes, but does have a park that is open to public access. Lake Rabon is located just off of South Carolina Highway 252 near the city of Laurens and has a large sign posted at the entrance to the park. The park is full of everything needed for a day of recreation. The park has a double boat ramp, swings including porch swings, large covered picnic areas with large grills, and an amazing hillside view of the lake. In addition, there is a fishing pier that can accommodate a large number of people.