Green Grid Rewards

Green Grid Rewards is an optional program designed to save you money by better managing the energy used by your central air conditioning or heat pump unit during peak periods. Peak demand is when the need for electricity is at its highest. In our area, this occurs in the summer time when temperatures are at their highest, usually between 4PM and 7PM Monday-Friday (June through September). Electricity produced during the peak demand is the most costly. By helping the CPW reduce this peak demand, you help lower electricity costs and put money back in your pocket! You also help the environment by delaying the need to build additional generating plants.

The backbone of the system is a special electric meter. This meter allows us to read it and other CPW meters (water and/or natural gas) remotely. Additionally, customers will have the option of choosing to have a switch installed that will allow the Laurens CPW to operate or "cycle" central air-conditioning and heat pump systems during peak demand periods.

This cycling is set up so that your central air-conditioning or heat pump unit is only off for 8 minute intervals and the indoor fan remains on, your home remains cool and comfortable.

For participating in this program, customers will be placed on our lowest residential electric rate.