Commercial Service: Purchase

When signing up for commercial account and the property is owned by the business signing up for service, the customer must sign a service application and provide a proof of ownership along with a valid picture ID, Federal Identification number, pay an application fee and possibly a deposit.

Proof of ownership may be:

  • A settlement statement / HUD statement;
  • Office Sales agreement contract;
  • A tax notice for the property with the customer’s name;
  • Homeowner’s insurance policy with name and address of location;
  • Deed / Title to property.

NOTE: A Lease with option to Buy or Rent to Own is considered rental property.

The ID can be a state issued license or identification card, government ID or a passport.

When using a social security number, the account will be set up in the customer’s name, DBA.

If the customer is obtaining services under a business name, a federal identification number will be required.

A deposit is required non-residential accounts unless an irrevocable letter of credit or surety bond is issued.