Blue Star-Switch to Gas

For reliability, comfort, and convenience, no energy source comes close to providing as much value as natural gas. You can cook, bathe, and stay warm by a fire, even when the electricity is out, thanks to the reliable underground delivery of natural gas. You’ll feel warmer and have abundant hot water for washing clothes, dishes, and kids, thanks to the comfort provided by natural gas. Saving time is also a breeze with the convenience of gas logs, ranges, and grills. It’s important to know that you have choices. Here are ten great reasons to choose natural gas today!

Now the Laurens CPW makes upgrading to natural gas an even better deal. With this program, new CPW gas customers will receive a bill credit for installing the following natural gas appliances:

Water heater only - $500
Range/cook top only - $100
Clothes dryer only - $100
Water heater plus 1 additional appliance (range or dryer) - $600
All three appliances (water heater, range, and dryer) - $700

Saves Money
Compared to other energy alternatives, natural gas remains the best value for water heating, clothes drying, and cooking.

Works When Others Don’t
When the electricity is out, natural gas fireplaces, water heaters, and cook tops will continue to provide heat, hot water for showers, and a hot meal.

What is more aggravating than a cold shower? With a natural gas water heater, you can heat water twice as fast as most electric models. Clothes drying also takes about half the time of electric models. So you can spend more time doing the things you want to do!

Warm Heat
The temperature of the air coming out of a natural gas furnace is 10-25 degrees warmer than the air coming out of a typical electric heat pump. With a natural gas furnace, you’ll feel warm and comfortable without a cool draft breezing through your home.

Preferred by More People
More than half of all U.S. households use natural gas in their homes. In fact, nearly seven out of every ten new homes built in the United States use natural gas heating. An investment in natural gas appliances is truly an investment in the value of your home.

Clean Burning
Compared to other energy sources such as coal and oil, natural gas is cleaner burning and better for the environment.

Abundant, Domestic Fuel
International politics or OPEC supply concerns will never stand in the way of heating your home. In fact, 99 percent of our natural gas is produced right here in North America.

The natural gas industry spends over $4 billon a year to help ensure the safety of natural gas. As a result, natural gas has an excellent safety record. Today’s natural gas appliances are more advanced and use the latest technology to ensure safe, efficient operation.

Special Incentives
Also with this new program, you can save up to $450 by installing natural gas appliances in your home.

All you need to do is call 864.681.4300 or stop by the Laurens CPW to find out if natural gas is available in your area.

Switch-to-Gas Program Terms and Conditions
To participate in this program, you must be the owner of a single-family residence and a new residential gas customer of the Laurens CPW. A new customer is defined as one that establishes a new permanent natural gas account.

Installation must conform to all applicable building codes. All installations will be inspected by CPW service personnel (and city/county inspectors) prior to bill credit being applied.

Appliances must be installed within 60 days of application for service in order to be eligible for the incentives.

Credit will be applied only to the account of the person responsible for paying the gas bill. (Any exceptions, such as rebates to landlords, contractors, or developers must be pre-approved.)

The CPW does not guarantee energy savings.

The CPW reserves the right to discontinue the Switch-to-Gas program at any time without notice.