Additional Water

Additional Water Meter

Install a Second Water Meter and Water to Your Heart’s Content. 

If you currently have only one water meter and have sewer service with the CPW, you are charged a sewer rate based on all the water you consume - this includes outside water use which does not require sewer treatment. This means that you are paying a sewer charge for watering your lawn, washing your cars, filling up a swimming pool, or any water that is used outside - water that never goes into the sewer system!

By installing a second water meter on your existing service line, the water used outside will be metered separately and not be charged a sewer rate.

Not only will you save 100% of the sewer charges on outside water usage, you will also save on your water bill. The first 5,000 gallons that you use outside will be charged the normal water rate. Any amount over 5,000 gallons per month will be $1 less per 1,000 gallons than the normal rate, saving you even more money!

So, start saving today by ordering a second water meter. Call or stop by our office for more information.